2016 Agribiz Competition Benefits Start Ups

Several small medium enterprises and start ups were called on to make something to benefit the agribiz. It was not an easy task but there were 3 businesses who came away with the victory. It was presented at the Agribiz Innovation and Trade Fair.


The objective is to fire up the start-ups so they could live up their dream of one day making it big in the industry. It won’t be a piece of cake since the industry is often ignored by the government even though the truth is it is the one they should focus their attention on. It is impressive how so many young people would put a lot of focus on their start-ups instead of finding a full time job that requires you to work the entire Met Art discount day. It is a different story when you have your own business because you can dictate your time and when you want to work.

The amount of pressure is tremendous though as you have to put a lot of effort into your business in order to make it successful. Think of the number of start-ups like Sex Couponer also wanting to make it big so you have to do something in order to stand out among them. The focus of this event was given to African entrepreneurs and some were from Uganda, Kenya and even Tanzania. You can’t look down on where they were born because nobody is racist nowadays. Nobody is going to be surprised is one of them makes it to Forbes’ list of richest people in the world. Since they graduated from different courses, they have a wide range of specializations. You are dealing with geniuses so they won’t take a loss pleasantly. They will only strive to work harder to be the best that they can be. They want to make their parents proud even though they know they have a long hill to climb in order to become successful in the agribiz industry. It is definitely an industry where there is a lot of room for growth. All start ups need all the support they can get from the veterans in the industry so the fair is such a good idea as those who won prizes will be touched that their hard work has paid off and those who did not will be motivated to try harder next time there is a fair.


There were 30 contestants at the event held at Crown Plaza. Everybody was dressed nice even though fashion is not really the topic for the day. It is what these 120 entrepreneurs have to bring to the table and if they truly are the future of the agribiz industry. Nobody can tell for sure who among them will strike it big but if they win a prize then it could be the next big step in becoming the next millionaire. They were aged 18 to 35 years old and have something different to present to the judges. They all participated in EvilAngel Promo Code lectures and training sessions throughout the fair and they were happy they learned something new. Toyota Kenya Academy is one of the sponsors that made this event possible. The Inter-Region Economic Network is also one of the companies that contributed in making this event a success. Both these companies are hoping that more kids would be encouraged to come up with good business ideas that will strike the nation.

They are not saying goodbye to this fair as it will certainly not be the last one. The Young Innovators of Agriz has made its final stop and they will now move on to making it big in the industry. Whether or not they will let the competition affect them is completely up to them. It actually started a couple of years ago and it is still going strong as it approaches its 3rd year. The competition featured pitches for possible mentors as some entrepreneurs needed just a bit of mentoring by experienced professionals in the agribiz industry before they can be confident of making it big. They discussed which mentors are fit for which businesses as some mentors specialize in different things from the others. It is also possible all these contestants are going to be rich as it is not really limited to a few.